What We Do

Providing Stucco inspection services for commercial and residential buildings to Architects, Attorneys, Developers, General Contractors, Sub-Contractors, Building Owners Material Manufacturers and Suppliers, Building Inspectors, Insurance Companies, Homeowners Associations, Contractors State License Boards. Including Home Owners in the resolution of construction disputes, insurance claims and litigation. 

California State Certified Industry Experts. 


Working Together

Construction Defect Consultants’ president, Robert R. Tellez has been providing consulting services, claims solutions, and defect support to Homeowners, Builders, Attorneys, Insurance Companies and Manufacturers for over 32 years.

Robert R. Tellez  experience with respect to consulting will personally visit and evaluate your construction defect issues. He commonly deals with water intrusion matters, stucco problems, window and door problems, stucco cracking issues and stucco finish deficiencies, design errors, mold problems, maintenance concerns, and many other issues on existing properties or buildings currently under construction.


Why Choose Us?

Our years of "experience" will benefit you right from the start. Our Team coordinates and manages consulting expert teams for residential, low rise to high-rise commercial buildings and hospitality projects to ensure professional, appropriate, and cost-effective results for all of our clients.  Unlike some of the larger firms,   We never hire inexperienced consultants. We provide you with personal attention by working directly with Robert R. Tellez to bring a clear and concise understanding of your project's issues.


Residential Water-Testing Services

Construction Defect Litigation Services

Litigation Team Management

Mold Claim Investigation

Building Code Analysis

Defect Analysis

Site Inspections

Destructive Testing

Repair Cost Estimating

Expert Construction Witness  

Detailed Investigation Services

Detailed Analysis and Reporting

Detailed Plans and Specification Analysis

Stucco Testing ASTM 2128 Water Testing

ASTM Window and Door Testing Water/Air



Robert R. Tellez (photo on the right) is hands on and  known as one of the best Forensic Stucco expert and is knowledgeable in a broad range of construction issues, including design defects, product specification, and code compliance. From stucco failures to water intrusion  defects, our expert forensics engineers are supremely qualified to examine and evaluate construction-related claims.



Petrography investigations involves the use of microscopy and other analytical methods to study aggregates, concrete and other cement-based construction materials. It is an essential tool for troubleshooting construction issues that may affect Stucco was applied to the time in service. 

Examples from specific investigations will show how petrography can be understood of mechanisms that may underlie distress indicators such as stucco cracks and water intrusion issues.  


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